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An application may be filed on behalf of the applicant by a producer (licensed property insurance agent or broker).  Also, and application may be filed directly by any person or legal entity having an insurable interest in the property. 

A separate application must be completed for each location. Location is defined as any Building or Structure separately rated by the Insurance Services Office.


Dwelling Fire Insurance Application or Commercial Fire Insurance Application must be used when applying for insurance coverage. The original must be submitted to the FAIR Plan. A copy should be retained by the producer or the applicant for his/her records. To complete an Electronic Application, click here.

The application mus be completed in full and signed by the applicant. If the application is being submitted through a producer, it must be personally signed by a licensed property insurance agent or broker. Stamped or typed signatures are not acceptable.

Incomplete applications willl not be processed and will be returned. Providing all of the required information and documents will minimize the possibility of the application being rejected.

Submission of an application to the FAIR Plan neither binds the Plan to provide insurance nor obligates the applicant to purchase insurance.

A copy of the application will be mailed the insured upon his or her written request. The statements in the application will be treated as representations and not warranties and will be form the basis for and be a part of the contract of insurance. It is important for applicants to understand that misrepresentations made on the application form may render coverage null and void.