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Fire Insurance Coverage

For Habitational Properties (1 - 4 family dwellings) . ISO Form DP 0001 Basic Form is provided (click before for a complete copy) which provides coverage against a Fire and Lightning Loss. DP-0002 Broad Form includes additional perils for qualifying risks.
For Commercial Properties. CP-0099, Standard Property Policy is available.
Extended Property Insurance Coverage and Vandalism Coverage
Additional coverage available in the above forms for loss caused by:
Windstorm or Hail
Riot or Civil Commotion
Volcanic Action
Sinkhole Collapse (Commercial Policies Only)
Sprinkler Leakage (Commercial Policies Only)
Vandalism or Malicious Mischief Coverage
Printable and Viewable Coverage Forms
For Dwelling Policies
Dwelling Property Basic Form DP-0001
Dwelling Property Broad Form DP-0002
FAIR Plan Special Provisions DP-300 FP
Definitions Endorsement (Actual Cash Value) DP-301 FP
Pennsylvania Notice IL 0910
Standard Fire Policy Endorsement SFP-1

For Commercial Policies
Standard Property Policy CP-0099
Commercial Property Special Provisions FP-400 PA
Definition of Actual Cash Value FP-0099
Standard Fire Policy Provisions CP 0121
Pennsylvania Notice IL 0910
Exclusion of Certain Computer-Related Losses IL 0935

For Burglary and Robbery Policies


Protective Devise Warranty Endorsement CR-103-FP


Protective Device Warranty CC-203-FP